Cheap Machete, Useful For Eventual Zombie Apocalypse


It’s on sale at Harbor Freight right now for just $2.99. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty crappy, but at $3 you get what you pay for. I bought one and I might buy a few more while I’m at it, just to have ’em around. They won’t come sharpened, so be sure you have a file or a sander available.

Of course, if you want something a bit higher quality yet low on price, I’d definitely recommend something from Cold Steel. I know I plan to pickup one of these pretty soon.

To sharpen your machete, grab a  file and run the it in a forward motion down one side of the blade, then the other side, until it’s sharp enough for you, drawing the file back after the forward motion will make it shiny, but won’t sharpen it.


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