Ebay Just Doesn’t Respect Black People


Sure, I may be a bastard for the search terms, but it’s christmas eve for god’s sake. What were you thinking, ebay?


3 Responses to “Ebay Just Doesn’t Respect Black People”

  1. Mr. Wonka Says:

    that’s Google, not Ebay, genius…

    and not for nothing, but wasn’t Google trying to be MORE respectful, since they tried to eliminate the N-word?

    pretty crappy, unfunny post all around. nice try though.

  2. ok Says:

    explain the eBay connection please…

  3. sickbastard Says:

    Ebay is obviously behind it. As we all know, they’ve been up to these sort of shenanigans before https://sickbastard.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/ebay-now-selling-black-people/

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