Kermit Going Down On Rowlf

That’s not right

A sad day for muppet-kind as Rowlf becomes the classic depiction of a drug dealer, trading drugs for sexual favors. Obviously he’s enjoying Kermit going down on him, just look at that happy and satisfied expression on his face.

For a nice large version of this, click the picture.


2 Responses to “Kermit Going Down On Rowlf”

  1. theunrulyone Says:

    What dealer won’t trade drugs for sexual favors. That’s the only reason to be a drug dealer. Well that, and the drugs and money of course. But mostly, it’s about the sex.

  2. Jacques Says:

    I saw a stripper in the late 70s who had her legs spread apart on stage with a kermit puppet and a miss piggy puppet. Miss piggy would nag kermit while he took turns nibbling at the stripper’s easy bake oven.

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