Truly Epic Sweater Kittens

I hear this girl lives in Britain

Ah yes, great things to stare at. I’m sure there’s an explanation for why that girl’s head is in that other girl’s cleavage. Maybe she is trying out some new perfume and accidentally spilled it on her bosom, thereby requiring the other girl to smell her breasts. Yes, that sounds perfectly natural and not sexual at all, I’m sure.

Anyhoo, if you want a larger copy to err…examine what’s going on a bit closer, click the picture.

If you like this picture, check out the sequel and the trilogy.


2 Responses to “Truly Epic Sweater Kittens”

  1. wanttoberich Says:

    very nice pic …. I would like to examine them also :D

  2. bigthumpsound Says:

    really nice, face is nice too, you must be making one guy really really……. really happy

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