Sweater Kitten Discover, Take Two

 The only thing the one on the left has going for her is that she has an enormous rack

Wow, nice. Well…almost nice. The one on the left looks a little old. A little too old. I can’t really get turned on because she looks like she’s the mother of the one on the right……..

Oh wait, that’s dirty enough to be enticing.  Nice.


4 Responses to “Sweater Kitten Discover, Take Two”

  1. livinlargeinsf Says:

    what are you a friggin’ homo?

  2. livinlargeinsf Says:

    of course i meant that in terms of you even needing to think about it and i answered my own question. yes, you are a friggin’ homo. cheers!!!

  3. sickbastard Says:

    Well, with all of the ample pornography the internet has to offer I feel I can be a little choosey…especially when a gal is packing all those wrinkles and crowsfeet. Of course, it’s easy to notice such things after one has already “wound the old pocketwatch”, so to speak…afterall, that’s why they put those articles and dirty jokes in hustler.

  4. livinlargeinsf Says:

    point taken. keep doin’ what you do my brother from another mother…

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