Stephanie Discovers Sweater Kittens

If I grew up in the 50s, I could see beating off to this picture in the bathroom

I don’t know what it is about old pictures like this taken out of context in a sexual manner…I guess a part of it is they’re extra sexy because any models they may have used for these pictures are already dead. Another part of it might be that back then, all girls were supposed to be pure, so it’s even more wrong than if this were a more modern picture.

I mean, sure, it’s hot to see two modern day chicks make out, but deep down you can argue it away a, “well, that kind of thing is okay in our progressive society and it’s okay that they’re making out”…but a simple picture like this, where a picture of two supposedly wholesome girls has been twisted to mean something more sexual than would have been considered “normal” in that time….it’s just so dark and perverse.


One Response to “Stephanie Discovers Sweater Kittens”

  1. theunrulyone Says:

    This is a pretty funny picture, but I don’t really know if its sexy. Now, don’t get me wrong–the thought of two hot ladies making out IS sexy, but this pic kind of creeps me out. Maybe its the lecherous look “Billy” is giving the two girls, or maybe its because they look so wholesome and the message being sent is: it is not okay to like people of the same sex. I will say i like how Stephanie seems to be sucking on her pen as she stares at Lisa’s chest.

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