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Epic Sweater Kittens, They Just Keep Coming

November 30, 2007

I can stare at these allllll day

I believe I have found my purpose in life. It’s to facilitate the will of the Sweater Kittens. I am only a shepherd, the boobs are the One True God.


Epic Sweater Kittens, The Sequel

November 29, 2007

Yeah, it’s good….not as good as the original though

This is becoming a habit for me. Obviously, the girl on the left lost one of her contact lenses in the epic-chested girl’s epicness (eg. cleavage). Oh, to be that contact lens among so much ample flesh.

As always, click on the picture for a larger version.

Truly Epic Sweater Kittens

November 28, 2007

I hear this girl lives in Britain

Ah yes, great things to stare at. I’m sure there’s an explanation for why that girl’s head is in that other girl’s cleavage. Maybe she is trying out some new perfume and accidentally spilled it on her bosom, thereby requiring the other girl to smell her breasts. Yes, that sounds perfectly natural and not sexual at all, I’m sure.

Anyhoo, if you want a larger copy to err…examine what’s going on a bit closer, click the picture.

Sweater Kitten Discover, Take Two

November 28, 2007

 The only thing the one on the left has going for her is that she has an enormous rack

Wow, nice. Well…almost nice. The one on the left looks a little old. A little too old. I can’t really get turned on because she looks like she’s the mother of the one on the right……..

Oh wait, that’s dirty enough to be enticing.  Nice.

Stephanie Discovers Sweater Kittens

November 19, 2007

If I grew up in the 50s, I could see beating off to this picture in the bathroom

I don’t know what it is about old pictures like this taken out of context in a sexual manner…I guess a part of it is they’re extra sexy because any models they may have used for these pictures are already dead. Another part of it might be that back then, all girls were supposed to be pure, so it’s even more wrong than if this were a more modern picture.

I mean, sure, it’s hot to see two modern day chicks make out, but deep down you can argue it away a, “well, that kind of thing is okay in our progressive society and it’s okay that they’re making out”…but a simple picture like this, where a picture of two supposedly wholesome girls has been twisted to mean something more sexual than would have been considered “normal” in that time….it’s just so dark and perverse.

Amazon Tells Me What It Really Thinks About Me

November 13, 2007

Man, this is worse than the time eBay recommended that I drop out of school so I stop wasting my teacher’s time

I expect this from my mom, but not from Amazon. I guess this online bookselling giant has just had enough of my crazy antics.