Snowman Atrocities

Ritual killing

Get him! Get him! Drink his blood!!!
Headless wonder

Ha! Yes! Sacrifice yourself to me!!!

Eat it

Meh, it’s been done before….eat it, I guess.

Ah, snowmen. These are all like living snow mirrors of someone’s life. It’s things like these snowmen that remind me of the sick nature of the human condition.


2 Responses to “Snowman Atrocities”

  1. The Baron Says:

    I’ve seen some more of these. I think that at least the first two are based off Calvin and Hobbes strips. Ah, what great comics. They reflect a wonderful time of innocence and imagination before Ritalin and Prozac stole our childhoods away from us.

  2. theunrulyone Says:

    I too was reminded of Calvin and Hobbes, but it is pretty cool to see someone do these for real, though. Congrats to the creator, and to the poster.

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