Nintendo Controller Pipe

If I didn’t dislike the Nintendo 64 or Marijuana so much, I’d be smoking one of these right now.

Wow, pretty nice repurposing of old hardware. That’s a good term for it. Something to put on the old résumé.

The imagery is perfect. The classic marriage of video games, teenagers and marijuana. That’s right, I said it. The ‘M’ word. Cannabis, ganja, coolie weed, reefer, bammy, budda, chiba, chillums, funk, chronic, good stuff, grefa, gunny, grass,  nugs, wacky tobaccy, wacky weed, white haired lady, weed, pot, panama red, pakistani black, pasto, pat, puff the magic dragon, muggles, m-j, maconha, mafu, malawi grass, mary and johnny, mexican green and mary jane are all able to be smoked from this delicious looking video game console accessory. Truly, this is a very compatible smoking device.

In my younger days as a “Purple Haze Pimp”, I would often use whatever I had laying around to smoke my smokeables.  Often I would find myself stumbling around my house, concocting wildly untameable smoking apparatuses out of many things such as grape fruits, socket wrench sets, sprinkler heads, corkscrews, bicycle pumps, stuffed animals,  house plants, etc…all in the name of science, I assure you. But this…well, this is certainly more of a keepsake than my down and dirty macguyver-esque pipes, bongs and one-hitter-quitters.

This truly is a delightful thing. If only it was done in glass.


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