i.Beat Blaxx – Germans Finally Showing Their True Colors

I sure did.

Well, it’s about time someone in Germany admits that they have a problem with black people. Trekstor, the geniuses behind the naming of their little mp3 gizmo, do in fact reside in Germany, and supposedly after they “found out” what i.Beat Blaxx sounds like in English, they were horrified and quickly changed the name to just “blaxx”.

I call BS. It’s not like Germany has a great history of welcoming cultural diversity and this just hammers another nail in a coffin already shut by countless other nails, nails being some sort of metaphor for racism that I just pulled out of my ass. I applaud German, not for their apparent hatred towards black people, but for their openness of their beliefs.

Yes, they may have shown a bit of cowardice by changing the name so that it no longer implies the abuse of black people, but now everybody who has one, can say that they own blaxx.


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