StumbleUpon, You So Crazy

I’m still a bit confused about this…

I stumbled upon this site using StumbleUpon

Stumbled Upon this site…

And since it is mildly amusing, tried to rate it as “I like it!” with a little thumbs up sign thing and got this…

…and when I tried to rate it I got this…wtf?

WTF? if it has been banned, why the hell can I still stumble it? Obviously this is some sort of communist plot. We need to spread the word. Try it yourself, here.


3 Responses to “StumbleUpon, You So Crazy”

  1. lizze Says:

    I got the banned massage too

  2. Pez Says:

    Maybe it was banned in between you stumbling upon it and you clicking the “I like it” button

  3. sickbastard Says:

    It’s definitely a possibility

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