You Mean I Can Watch Cool Hand Luke And The Lion King Right Now For Free?

So, today, my day is being spent watching Cool Hand Luke and The Lion King (almost in their entirety)…thanks to YouTube. Apparently, the user who uploaded the films split the movies into different “clips” about 9 minutes or so in length, they then uploaded all relevant parts of the movie. So, if the average movie is 90 minutes in length, that means that there are only going to need to be 10 clips uploaded. This is awesome.

I know this is how things should be (even used to be) on YouTube, but after the whole Viacom lawsuit, I guess things went a bit south. Oh well, it’s nice to see people still fightin’ the powers that be. Enjoy.

Cool Hand Luke

Part 1 – You Call The Capt’n Capt’n
Part 2 – Lucille’s Car Wash
Part 3 – Dragline Boxout
Part 4 – Road Paving Race
Part 5 – Egg Eatin’ 1
Part 6 – Egg Eatin’ 2/Backsass
Part 7 – On The Run
Part 8 – On The Run Again
Part 9 – Captured Again
Part 10 – Get Your Mind Right
Part 11 – Last Hurrah
Part 12 – Failure To Communicate

The Lion King

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


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