Just Who Is The World’s Smartest Man?

Now, I know that when you, my beloved reader thinks of the phrase “world’s smartest man“, you obviously think of me (yeah, right), but I have found someone far more deserving to hold the title of “world’s smartest man“…although the answer may surprise you.

When I speak of the world’s smartest man, what comes to mind? Names such as Einstein, Hawking, or Aristotle? Bah, I say. Fools, I say. Dullards, I say. While these men are (or were in the cases of Einstein and Aristotle) indeed brilliant, they fall quite far from the highest branches of the world’s smartest man tree.

Einstein, what can I say about this brilliant man that would convince you that he was not the world’s smartest man? Look at his hair! It’s not aerodynamic! How can he expect to break the speed of sound on a moped without aerodynamic hair!?

Hawking, a very intelligent man indeed, but the world’s smartest man? Surely not. He himself admits that he is not the world’s smartest man. He is, of course, an intelligent man to know his own limits, but his lack of a unified field theory does indeed show the source of his apprehension to lay claim to title of the world’s smartest man.

Aristotle, a genius that wrote on many different subjects including logic, physics, government, politics, biology, zoology and many many more. Simply put, one of the most influential philosophers of all time. A legend in his own time as well as ours. yet still not the world’s smartest man. I mean, really, if he’s so smart how come he’s been dead for over 2000 years?

While these three men have surely influenced history and shaped the ways that we look at and understand ourselves and the universe around us, none of them is able to hold the title of world’s smartest man. These men of science approached the claim from a…well…man of science way. They merely contributed to the knowledge of the world. None of them could be so bold as to attempt to brute force reality itself in a mad quest to become the world’s smartest man. This man, no, this god among men that I speak of, this titan that holds the universe in his tightly clenched fist is…

World’s Smartest Man<— This man.

What, you think I’m kidding you? No, really. Type into google “world’s smartest man” (or click here) and check the first result. If google says so, it must be true. I know that I believe.

Whether you agree or not, head over to Hammer Uncut and check out his site, he has some pretty neat stuff going on…such as his world’s smartest man experiment. I guarantee that by going to his site (or by reading this article) you’ll understand just what the hell I’m talking about with all of this world’s smartest man stuff…I gotta admit, it’s a hell of an idea.


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