Doctors VS Serial Killers

I had a recent short conversation with a friend of mine regarding the pay grade of doctors vs serial killers, etc etc. It went something like this…

me: Ya know…doctors and serial killers have kinda the same life…
They both work long hours, see a lot of interesting things, and deal with a lot of people in their line of work…
Although doctors get paid more. Why is that?

segremores: Hmm…
People trust them with their money?

me: …I don’t think that’s it
I don’t pay the doctor until after I’ve been worked on
Oh…duh, that’s why

segremores: Serial killers don’t leave people alive to pay them afterward.
Hmm… Do you think that they would be paid if they did?

me: Well, if they did then they wouldn’t be serial killers…

segremores: Then they’d be doctors!

me: I now know what to do with my life

This was all in good fun (mostly) but it got me thinking. Who is the bigger monster? Doctors or Serial Killers?

Tuskegee Experiments
Reign of Terror: 1932 – 1972
Doctors withheld treatment of Syphilis from 399 African American males through years of lies, treachery and deciet. These men had all the rights of lab animals. What had started as a legitimate study eventually became a sick “let’s see how they die” game played by researchers that left 28 men dead of syphilis and 100 dead due to related complications. In addition to these needless deaths, 40 of the men’s wives had been infected with syphilis while 19 of their children had been born with congenital syphilis.

Imagine someone killing most of your family then infecting the survivors with STDs.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Reign of Terror: 1978 – 1991
Murdered 17 males over a span of 13 years, making sure to play out his sexual fantasies involving rape, cannibalism, dismemberment and necrophilia. Aside from cannibalism and keeping a decent collection of human remains from his victims, he also experimented in turning some of his victims into “sex zombies”, usually by injecting dangerous (and corrosive) chemicals into their brains.

17(ish) victims vs 120+(not counting women or children) victims

I’m all for a little cannibalism, maybe even some light necrophilia, so long as it’s somewhat consensual. Dahmer was a seriously messed up individual, but at least we can say that there was more than likely something seriously screwed up in his head.

The doctors involved with the Tuskegee Experiment…well, from all accounts, they were fairly normal people. Fairly normal people that didn’t give a damn about the rights of their patients. Fairly normal people that didn’t give a damn about PURPOSELY WITHHOLDING LIFE SAVING MEDICINE FROM THE ILL.

I’ll take a single psycho over a group of amoral assholes any day. At least Dahmer wasn’t operating under the pretense of what he was doing being a benefit to mankind.


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