Timmy Fell Down What Well?

Timmy (from the hit show Lassie) got into some serious shit, he…

…let a rabid dog out of a cage (“Graduation”)
…ate deadly nightshade berries (“Berrypickers”)
…threatened by an escaped female circus elephant (“The Elephant”)
…hides out in the treehouse when he has pneumonia (“Spartan”)
…threatened by a mother wolf (“The Wolf Cub”)
…falls into the lake (“Transition” and “The House Guest”)
…develops a high fever from the measles (“The Crisis”)
…is almost shot by Paul (“Hungry Deer”)
…ignores severe stomach pains; he’s diagnosed with appendicitis (“Hospital”)
…is trapped in an abandoned house with Boomer (“Trapped”)
…wanders into a live mine field (“Junior GIs”)
…is menaced by a bear (“Campout” and “The Renegade”)
…is trapped in a mine (“Old Henry”)
…gets a black eye playing football (“Growing Pains”)
…nearly flies a home-made glider off a cliff (“Flying Machine”)
…runs into a burning house to save a neighbor lady and passes out (“The Whopper”)
…is endangered by dynamite picked up by an escaped lab chimp (“The Man from Mars”)
…is locked in a shed with Lassie by an armed robber (“Star Reporter”)
…runs away from home believing he and a friend killed someone (“Alias Jack and Joe”)
…is exposed to radiation (“Space Traveler”)
…gets trapped on a cliff with Rudy and Don (“Explorers”)
…is trapped in a pipe (“Wrong Gift”)
…is caught in quicksand (“The Fog”)
…is trapped on a ledge (“The Rescue”)
…is out in the woods hunting a dangerous tiger (“The Gentle Tiger”)
…is tossed out of a little racing car and knocked out (“Big Race”)
…is trapped in a mine with Cully (“Fool’s Gold”)
…is threatened by a bull (“White-Faced Bull”)
…is threatened by a rabid dog (“Mad Dog”)
…freezes while on a narrow path at the Grand Canyon (“Lassie at the Grand Canyon”)
…is threatened by a killer collie (“Mysterious Intruder”)
…is trapped in a badger hole (“Badger Game”)
…is knocked out (“Hike”)
…is stalked by a presumably dangerous tiger (“Lassie and the Tiger”)
…with Lassie, is carried off in a balloon, must survive in the wilderness, and almost drowns (“The Journey”)
…almost drowns (“Disappearance” part 1)
…is caught in an earthquake and threatened by a dam spillover (“Moving Mountain”)
…is struck by a hit and run driver (“Hit’n’Run”)

You’ll notice there is not a single incident of Timmy falling down a well. You’ll also notice, that Timmy seems to have done something to piss off his God…I mean, seriously if I was the victim of half of the things on this list, I’d consider packing it in and going home.

Original Source: http://episodes.lassieweb.org/lassie10.htm

3 Responses to “Timmy Fell Down What Well?”

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  2. AnferTuto Says:

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  3. Amy Says:

    After reading that list on things Timmy has done I had to laugh. if he didn’t fall down the well as previously thought he does do a lot of rather stupid things. I’m laughing my head off. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. Timmy either pissed off god, or timmy is just a really really stupid child.

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