Windows Vista Can Eat Me

Windows Vista or dog?

I’ve nothing against dogs, but in this case I say let the fucker die. Why do I need Vista? In short, I don’t. I can use Windows XP just fine, without any problems whatsoever. Come to think of it, I can’t recall when (or if) it’s ever crashed on me. Granted, I make sure to restart it every couple of weeks…

See, I don’t buy into all of this eyecandy bullshit. I’m in it strictly for ease of use and compatibility. If I wanted eyecandy, I’d install Ubuntu + Beryl on my home computer, just like on my laptop. In all of the years that I’ve been using XP, I’ve never had a problem with it. I don’t need a million different versions of Microsoft’s new OS either. I was fine with Home or Professional. I don’t need a selection between the Ultimate or N00B or Shaved editions available, as I usually just install what the software pirates tell me to.

I feel a little pissed that eventually, I will have to switch to Vista. It’s just not right. I mean, the only reason to use windows is the compatibility. That’s it. If I stick with XP while all of the cool kids are switching to Vista…I’ll go the way of the Windows 98 user.

Maybe I’m just too old. Maybe I’ve reached my technological prime. All these new fancy programs and gadgets are foreign and strange to me. I suppose it’s time to start going to the early bird buffet on sundays and hitch my pants up a few inches too high. All because of Vista.

Damn it Microsoft, why do you have to be such a bastard?


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