Drug Stash Pic Found On Craigslist Camera

So…I, err…found this picture on a digital camera (memory card included) I bought from a guy on craigslist…

drug stash picture I found in some guy’s camera

Now, I’m no expert (that might not be true), but if that stuff on the left isn’t just notebook paper, we have (from left to right) LSD, Ecstacy and Mushrooms. That’s not a bad weekend. Given the quantities of the substances, it’s also a felony.

Now the real question is…how much money do I extort from the guy I bought it from to delete the picture?


One Response to “Drug Stash Pic Found On Craigslist Camera”

  1. Todd McKenna Says:

    You know this strikes me as something I have seen before…but where and in what capacity. It reminds me of this Family Guy episode where Lois shouts, “Ohh you little LIAR!”

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