Wireless Electricity is here!

So, how many of you have wanted to get rid of those pesky power cords coming out of the back of your computer tower? How about the one coming out of the back of your monitor? How much better looking would your laptop turned digital picture frame be without that ugly black cord running down to the wall socket?

Well friends, you’re in luck. There’s something new coming up to play with. Wireless Electricity. The folks at MIT are calling it WiTricity (just like WiFi, hey!). So far, they’ve been able to light up an ordinary 60 watt bulb with a distance of 7 feet away from the power source with NO WIRES!

See the picture below?

wireless electricity demonstration

 Electricity is being transmitted wirelessly from the thing on the left to the thing-with-the-bulb-hanging-from-it on the right with a bunch of MIT nerds OBSTRUCTING THE LINE OF SIGHT! I can’t even use my TV remote with an obstructed line of sight, much less if an MIT nerd is standing in the way.

This might take awhile to reach the consumer level, but with the rapid pace that technology has been released in the last few years we should expect something relatively soon. I know I can’t wait until it is widely available, because as soon as my neighbors have it, I’ll be leeching free electricity like crazy.

I’d just like to say thanks, to the nerds at MIT who are making my dream of wireless electricity theft possible.

More info and original article available at MIT.


3 Responses to “Wireless Electricity is here!”

  1. Angela Yoshiko Says:

    I can support that, definitely. Stealing WiFi is already saving me like $50/month. I can’t wait until I can leech WiTricity. Nice.

  2. Paul Berry Says:

    You do know Tesla discovered this over a hundred years ago?

  3. sickbastard Says:

    Of course, but it’s been over a hundred years and this is the first time someone puts the theory to a practical application.

    “Better late than never” – Cheech Marin

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