Top 5 Jedi College Fight Videos

Now, I’m not a Star Wars fan by any stretch of the imagination, there’s just something about people fighting to the death with highly dangerous futuristic swords that arouses me.

So today, I went in search of videos and such and here is what the interblarg had to offer…

5. Lake Central Lightsaber Battle

I never thought I’d see the day when Jedi fight over health benefits. A groingrabbingly fantastic video.

4. Star Wars Lightsaber Duel

Excellent. there is nothing like a nice, fast paced, action packed lightsaber battle to get the ol’ testosterone pumping.

3. Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday

Absolutely amazing, at first I thought it was some lame ass college party video. I almost pissed my pants when I saw the lightsabers come out. The guys at Studio8 have definitely got the right stuff.

2. Ryan vs Dorkman 2

My god, the guys at have put together some amazing stuff! Given that this is a sequel, I can’t wait to see the original.

1. Ryan vs Dorkman

Excellent quality, great special effects, good pacing. All in all a very well put together piece of work. The bar has been set mighty high, by the guys at

Honorable Mention: Three In The Afternoon

Now, these guys look a little old to be in college, and there isn’t much of a fight, but this is just hilarious. Hey…they say there’s a sequel supposedly coming out…check out the myspace page


8 Responses to “Top 5 Jedi College Fight Videos”

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  4. Chris Johnston Says:

    The best fan-made lightsaber work I’ve seen came from Clay Kronke.
    The first (and best, IMHO, even the little demo clip!) is no longer available: “The New World: Final Training”

    His follow-up, “Brains and Steel”, is an homage to “The Princess Bride”.

    Then there’s my other favorite…

    “Art of the Saber”

  5. Randomness Says:

    I like video #3

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  7. Russ Says:

    What, no “Star Wars kid”??? Oh, you mean the top 5 light saber videos NOT including the SWK. In that case, this is a good list.

  8. Cory Buford Says:

    Clay Kronke is a wonderful filmmaker who captures the true meaning of Star Wars. I have the 5min 34sec 31,526MB “” and would love to hear from anyone else who either would like a copy, has the same in higher resolution, or has any other videos by Mr. Kronke.

    Cory Buford

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