PickyDomains vs Me, round 1

So, I’ve just checked in with PickyDomains and it’s only been a day, but the geek in me cried out for some Excel spreadsheet goodness…

Of all the potential domain names I submitted a whopping 62% were “disliked by moderator”. That leaves me with 38% that got published, of that number 20% were disliked by the potential buyer. I haven’t had any bites yet, so that only leaves about 30% of my total submissions still in the running to make me some moolah.

Given that it took me about 10 minutes to submit quite a few domain names, if any of them do get sold I’ll consider it a win-win situation.


One Response to “PickyDomains vs Me, round 1”

  1. Emerzion Says:

    PickME! Names is similar but somewhat different because they name books, movies, music, and other products. Check’em out at http://www.pickmenames.com.

    Anyways, if you’re a blogger and you write a post about PickME! Names, you’ll get $35.00 as a contributor if any of your name or title suggestions are chosen for usage. I make $29.00 because I don’t have a blog site. Trust me, they’re worth looking into. Didn’t want to keep it all to myself. Best of luck.

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