PickyDomains, will you be my salvation?

So, I’m always looking for ways to make a little extra cash without too much work, right? So, after much (not really) searching, I find PickyDomains. Now, it seems all well and good, so I sign up for it and start drooling over all of the moolah I’m about to make…then it hits me…I actually have to put in some effort into this… Let me just say that picking domain names sucks. Sure, you may think you have something clever and witty, a little sexy and fun…but in reality some other schmoe already thought of that URL years ago.

It breaks a man’s heart.

I must have spent minutes on that site, but my labors did not come to fruition and my brain “medicine” started to run out…so I did what any fine upstanding gentleman would do…I searched Google and looked for some kind of easy, breezy, beautiful domain name generator. Maybe it’ll work, who knows, worst case scenario I just wasted a few minutes and cost the company I work for a few nickels.


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