W00t, first post

So, I’m up to a pack of smokes per day. It didn’t start out like this. I remember when I first started smoking, a pack would last me a whole week. Yep, things were good when I was 12.

It’s not too bad, the smoking that is, aside from the pieces of phlegm that I cough up every morning. Things have gone a bit passed green. I get these nice big dark brown pieces that taste salty coming up. I usually wait until I am in the shower to cough these up. That way I can blow my nose and pee as well, and see them all swirl down the hair clogged drain.

For awhile there, there was all this talk and excitement about quitting smoking. “Oh, I’m trying to quit”, etc etc…I’ll admit, I hopped on the bandwagon too. What can I say, peer pressure is a bitch. Eventually, I realized that smoking is just what I do. I don’t want to quit. I don’t mind the smell. I don’t mind the discolored teeth. I don’t mind the erectile dysfunction. I like to smoke. I don’t want to quit. Stop trying to make me.


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