Handy Chart To Rate Your Wife

May 14, 2008

Negative eight...jesus.

My wife scored a negative eight. That’s -8. I really don’t know what to say.


Dr. Albert Hofmann – I Will Miss You

April 29, 2008

A great man has passed, the likes of which we may never see again in our lifetimes. Dr. Albert Hofmann, the godfather of LSD, has shuffled off his mortal coil.

Though I never met him, he changed my life.

They Make Desks Just For Black Kids

April 29, 2008

This is just more proof of the institution of racism that has been allowed to propagate under big business. I know I’ll never be shopping at Target again…unless of course they have something I need for a low price.

Amusing Graffiti

April 18, 2008


Put your faith in God(zilla), because your ass belongs to me.

Hazel Court – A Downright Hottie – We Salute You

April 17, 2008

Hazel Court, starring in popular horror films in the 50s and 60s has passed away. It truly is a sad day, when such a looker shuffles off her sexy sexy mortal coil.

I\'d hit it.

Anyone in a movie called “The Masque of the Red Death” or “Devil Girl from Mars” deserves to be a sex icon for all time. Hazel Court, we will miss you.

List of Interesting Women

April 4, 2008

There’s so much sexiness in the following list, see if you can spot what all of these women have in common…

Sara Aldrete
Beverley Allitt
Angel of Mercy
Amy Archer-Gilligan

Francisca Ballesteros
Velma Barfield
Juana Barraza
Elizabeth Báthory
Bloody Benders
Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d’Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers
Carol M. Bundy
Cynthia Coffman
Faye Copeland
Mary Ann Cotton

Daisy de Melker
Nannie Doss
Amelia Dyer
Christine Falling
Marie Fikácková
Constance Fisher
Kathleen Folbigg

Debbie Fornuto

Janie Lou Gibbs
Kristen Gilbert
Delfina and María de Jesús González
Gesche Gottfried
Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood
Dana Sue Gray
Caroline Grills
Maria Gruber
Anna Marie Hahn
Myra Hindley
Karla Homolka
Waneta Hoyt

Miyuki Ishikawa
Hélène Jegado
Martha Ann Johnson
Genene Jones
Tillie Klimek
Delphine LaLaurie
Irene Leidolf
Juliane Lipka

Christine Malevre
Enriqueta Martí
Rhonda Belle Martin
Stephanija Meyer
Blanche Taylor Moore
Marianne Nölle

Junko Ogata
Susi Olah
Dagmar Overbye
Louise Peete
Dorothea Puente
Terri Rachals

Amelia Sach and Annie Walters
Darya Saltykova
Maria Swanenburg
The Angel Makers of Nagyrév
Jane Toppan
Waltraud Wagner
Jeanne Weber
Rosemary West
Catherine May Wood
Aileen Wuornos

Anna Maria Zwanziger

Arthur C. Clarke – Shuffled Off His Mortal Coil

March 18, 2008

Mr. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, I salute you.

90 years of age, in Sri Lanka. Goodnight sweet prince.

It’s Hollow

Hillary And Obama On The Same Team Against McCain!

March 12, 2008
I’d play more RPGs if they were like this

Nice. Very Nice. It’s nice to see two characters like Hillary and Obama join forces to do battle against miniboss McCain.

Liv Tyler, Getting Pretty Chunky

March 10, 2008

I’d still hit it

Remember how thin she used to be? Damn, she’s getting up there. She really needs a tan more than anything.

Doctors Recommend Camel Cigarettes

March 7, 2008

Finally, some doctors I can trust that will help me with my cigarette addiction. If only they had backed Marlboro though.